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Restore SD Plastic Surgery Skin Care

Achieving great skin is a very individualized journey.  At Restore SD Plastic Surgery we are excited to have our personal professional medical grade skin care line.  Call us at 858-224-2281 for a complimentary skin consultation with our aesthetician, Erin Murphy, to determine the right products for your skin.

Age Defense

Gentle Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser

This popular cleansing formula, rich in botanicals and protective antioxidants, creates a gentle lather that thoroughly foams away oil, debris, and makeup without excessively stripping the skin.  It also works well with your exfoliating facial brush.

Triple Antioxidant Cream

Our Triple Antioxidant Cream combines the power of 90% green tea polyphenols, caffeine, and resveratrol to offer unprecedented antioxidant protection.  This formulation visibly reduces the signs of redness and inflammation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and is moisture enhanced with hyaluronic acid.

Skin Tone Enhancement Therapy

This skin tone enhancement kit contains botanical skin brighteners including kojic acid, arbutin, and bearberry in an alcohol and acetone-free base. It also contains green tea and soothing antioxidants in a convenient pad application.  It can be combined in office with prescription strength hydroquinone

Ultra-Hydrating Serum 

This pure, ultra-hydrating serum quenches dehydrated skin for a supple, smooth complexion and all day moisture retention.  Our serum is formulated with fractionated hyaluronic acid to visibly reduce the signs of aging. Combined with a nourishing blend of antioxidants and humectants your skin appears brighter, firmer and rejuvenated.

Brightening Vitamin C Serum

This serum delivers the skin enhancing benefits of pure, stabilized 20% Vitamin C active complex to brighten the complexion and support healthy collagen production.   It is combined with vitamins A and E, bearberry extract, Indian gooseberry extract, and Coenzyme Q10 to fight free radicals. Its controlled, time-release delivery system provides maximum absorption and minimizes irritation.

Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum 5X

This time-released serum helps to achieve smoother, firmer skin.  All-trans-retinol (Vitamin A) helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles and enhances skin tone and texture.  This serum has been enhanced with green tea polyphenols, caffeine, and moisturizers to reduce redness, increase the antioxidant properties of the serum and hydrate the skin.

Eye Care

Enriched Retinol Eye Cream

Our eye cream is formulated with All-trans-retinol and 90% green tea polyphenols. This ultra-moisturizing cream targets fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness to achieve smoother, firmer skin around the delicate eye area.


Tinted Physical Sunscreen

This next generation BB cream provides superior broad spectrum SPF 50+ UVA/UVB protection with a skin perfecting tint that reduces the signs of aging and evens skin tone.  Worn alone or under foundation, this matte finish, multi-tasking formula provides all-day oil control, antioxidant benefits and gentle hydration for even the most sensitive skin.

Sheer Physical Sunscreen

This pure physical sunscreen is gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin and provides lasting protection against UVA and UVB rays.  The broad spectrum SPF 50+ formula delivers ultra sheer and weightless 13.75% micronized zinc oxide combined with antioxidants to protect and quench free radicals.


Ultra Lite Facial Cream

Our lighter facial moisturizer loaded with antioxidants recommended for all skin types. The enriched facial cream contains emollients and liposome encapsulated antioxidants to nourish the skin and provide protection from free radical damage.  It is ideal for the sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Firming Neck Cream

Developed specifically for the neck and décolleté, this hydrating neck cream helps to firm, lift, and tighten skin that has lost definition with age.  This cream is formulated with a proprietary blend of active ingredients to help support collagen and elastin production, repair the skin barrier, and even skin tone and texture to reduce signs of aging.

Restorative Moisturizer

This moisture boosting night cream, fortified with ceramides, peptides, antioxidants, and hydrators, nourishes dry skin back to optimum health, supports barrier repair and lipid replenishment.

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